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"Sin Traducion" for Target

The campaign is unique because it is the firs time Target has done a campaign uniquely targeted at the Hispanic market. The campaign is called "Sin Traducion" which means without translation, and is based around words in spanish that have great meaning for latinos but don't really have precise english translations.

The agency chose to feature songs by Cri Cri in the spots. Cri Cri is an iconic Mexican singer of children's songs from the 70's (a Mexican singing Mr Rogers), with hundreds of songs recorded and all well known by Mexican children.

We procured the original Cri Cri masters and superimposed upon them new arrangements which featured current Mexican pop star Natalia LaFourcade. The very traditional Cri Cri masters are transformed into contemporary sounding duets featuring Cri Cri and Natalia. In addition, because of Andres Levine's contacts with the Latino recording business, we negotiated the deal with Sony for Natalia's involvement and for the Cri Cri masters which were also owned by Sony.

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